Mike Fleiss

Producer in Los Angeles

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Mike Fleiss is a writer and producer for television and movies who has made a name for himself in the reality television genre. Starting from college with jobs researching and helping produce reality docuseries and shows, he realized the growing interest audiences had for realistic television with a dramatic twist. Going from cop shows (Scariest Police Shootouts) to romance, he understood the topics that made viewers tune in with regularity.

After giving TV romance a try with his first endeavor, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, Mr. Fleiss created and launched the first season of The Bachelor in 2002 to enthralled audiences. The series is now on its 27th season alongside a similarly popular spinoff, The Bachelorette.

Mike Fleiss' portfolio has since expanded to include The Proposal, Love at First Kiss, Bachelor Pad, and The Cougar within the genre. He has also expanded to other reality shows, producing There Goes the Neighborhood and High School Reunion. Not limited to the small screen, Mike Fleiss has produced several films including Poseidon, Hostel (and its sequels), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot.

Mr. Fleiss has also authored the comedy publications Hollywood with an Attitude and Sports with an Attitude. Fleiss is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

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